Best AM3+ CPU For Gaming & Overclocking | AM3+ Socket CPU 2018

Going to build a PC for gaming but have tight hands on the budget? Looking for best AM3+ CPU? If your answer to these questions is yes then you are at the right place.

The processor or CPU is known as the brain of the computer. It doesn’t matter what purpose you are going to use PC for, using a fast CPU is always recommended. In this digital era, almost everyone owns a computer or laptop, and with the increase in a number of PC users around the world, the number of components is also increasing.

Before some time there were only a few CPU and component manufacturing companies out there, but now you get so many options to choose from. Though the smartphones are doing all of the work in today’s world, still gamers and professional workers prefer using a PC.

The most popular reason for which PCs are being used around the world is gaming. While the game performance depends on various other components like the graphics card, RAM, storage and more, still CPU plays an important role in it. If you are a gamer and looking for some good performing CPUs for your next build, then you should consider using AM3+ CPUs.

AM3+ CPU is a successor of AM3 CPU and it comes with 942 pin count which is more than AM3 CPUs. Well the latest AM processors are AM4, but still, AM3+ CPU are widely popular these days. It doesn’t matter what kind of work you are building your PC, AM3+ CPU will work best for them.

Another thing you must know about AM3+ CPU 2018 is that they come in various price segments. So if you are building a PC with $400 budget, then spending $300 on AM3+ CPU is not recommended. Similarly for $1000 PC build, spending $100 for latest AM3+ CPU isn’t a good use of your budget as well.

It can be a tough job to pick the best AMD AM3+ cpu if you don’t know much about technical terms. So to solve this problem here in this post we are going to tell you about some of the best AM3+ CPU 2018 which you can use either for gaming, overclocking or whatever you want.

This AM3+ CPU list has all kind of CPUs which you can buy according to your budget and needs. So, let’s get started reading the reviews about best AM3+ CPU for money 2018.

Top Best AM3+ CPU 2018 Quick Comparision

Without any further ado, here are the “winner” AM3+ CPU’s that made it into our list.

CPUModelFrequency (Base/Overdrive)CoresL2/L3 CacheThermal Design Power (TDP) 
AMD Phenom II X4 8403.2GHz42 MB95W
AMD FX-43003.8/4.0GHZ44/4 MB95W
AMD FX-63003.5/4.1GHZ66/8 MB95W
AMD FX-83203.5/4.0GHZ88/8 MB125W
AMD FX-83504.0/4.2GHZ88/8 MB125W
AMD FX-83704.0/4.3GHz88/8 MB125W
AMD Vishera FX-95904.7/5.0GHZ88/8 MB220W

Best AM3+ CPU Reviews | AM3+ CPU For Gaming | AM3+ CPU For Overclocking 2018

1. AMD Phenom II X4 840 – Best AM3+ CPU For Money

AMD Phenom II X4 840

If you are looking for budget AM3+ CPU for money, then you can consider using AMD Phenom II X4 840. This processor is also one of the cheapest quad-core CPU available right now. Though this CPU might not fit the need of heavy users, it works really well for everyday use. This amazing and powerful CPU comes with quite high clock frequencies and it costs way too cheap than the performance it offers.

Its quad-core processing technology makes it easier for users to do multitasking without any issues. The Operating Frequency is clocked at 3.2GHz and it consumes about 95W power. So those who are looking for best am3 CPU 95w can also consider using this CPU in their next build.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this ain’t a high-end processor, but if you will use it with good RAM, graphics card, and motherboard, then it can help you in building a decent gaming or office usage PC. If you have a budget of $50 for your CPU, then we will recommend you to buy this processor for your PC. You won’t be able to find this much high performing CPU in this price range.

  • Very fast clocked budget Quad Core in $50 price range.
  • Great pricing (MSRP).
  • Lots of computing power in multithreaded applications.
  • Compatibility with older chipsets and increase their performance.
  • Cheaper Propus core used for Phenom II branding.
  • Lack of L3 cache is noticeable in some cases.
  • Oscillating performance, depending on the application.
  • Gaming performance.

2. AMD FX-4300 – AM3 Socket CPU

AMD FX-4300

AMD FX 4300 is a new quad-core CPU which you can use as AM3+ CPU on the AM3 motherboard. If you are a looking for a decent CPU with high performance, then you can consider buying this CPU. Though it is new still it works almost same as Pentium G4560 and it is faster than x4 950. Another thing which makes it cheaper than similar CPU in the market is that it uses DDR3 technology instead of DDR4. If you are building a PC with AM3 motherboard and RAM, then you should definitely get this CPU for your system.

This CPU has 4 cores with 4 threads which makes it perform better with AM3 motherboards. If you the one who is looking best AM3+ CPU for gaming 2018, then you should try using it. This CPU is said to provide up to 24% better frame rates than other similar CPU in this price range. If you have a budget of around $60-$70 for CPU, then you can’t find any better option than this CPU for your build.

It really doesn’t matter if you are building PC for gaming or for heavy usage, this is the AMD best AM3+ CPU which you can get for your PC. This processor will give you good gaming experience even in high resolution and you can do multitasking without any worries using it.

  • Provides decent performance as compared to other similar CPUs.
  • Best AM3+ CPU for overclocking.
  • The excellent price-performance ratio gives freedom to multitasking/gaming.
  • Higher Clock Speed than its predessor FX-4100.
  • Higher TDP when comparing with Intel i3 3220 (55W).
  • Can heat real quick when used for a long time.
  • Only slight improvement from FX-4100.
  • Higher price when FX-6300 is available for just $15 more.

3. AMD FX-6300 Black Edition – Best AM3 CPU 95w

AMD FX-6300

Now we have come up to mid-range processors for beginners as we talk about AMD FX-6300. This CPU is one of the cheapest 6-Core processor available right now. If you have a budget of about $70 for CPU, then you can’t find a better option than this. Moreover, FX-4300 buyers can also consider buying this as it is only slightly expensive than FX-4300. This is a complete rival to Intel i3 processors when it comes to productivity, performance, and gaming. Though it can’t beat i3 CPUs, it performs better than FX4300, Athlon X4 950 and Pentium G4560.

Ryzen 3 1200 is what comes in this price range, but you will have to get a new motherboard and faster DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 3 1200. While AMD FX-6300 costs less than Ryzen 3 1200 and provides almost similar performance. Another good thing about this CPU is that the base frequency of it is 3.5GHz which can be boosted up to 4.1GHz. The TDP is same as FX-4300 CPU which is 95W but it has 6MB L2 cache and 8MB L3 cache which is better than FX-4300.

AMD FX-6300 is capable of doing all kind of works and you can use it either for gaming, video editing, multitasking and many more. This processor will provide you unbeatable performance and will work flawlessly even if you use it for long. We are using this CPU too and till now we haven’t faced any lagging or overheating issues with this CPU. Get this beast before the stocks run out.

  • Support for high-speed RAM like 1866.
  • Easy to overclock, up to 1GHz extra.
  • Excellent for multitasking.
  • If paired with good graphics card, it can handle almost all games at maximum settings.
  • Stock cooler may get heated up when used for long.
  • Not suitable for multi-player gaming.
  • Higher power consumption compared to Intel processors.
  • This processor may provide slower single core performance.

4. AMD FX-8320 With Stock Fan – AM3+ CPU For Gaming

AMD FX-8320

AMD FX-8320 is one of the best processors for gaming in 2018 and apart from gaming, you can use it for various other purposes as well. The best thing about this CPU is that it comes with a fan which means you don’t have to buy an AM3+ CPU fan separately when you buy this processor. This processor is basically 2nd Generation CPU in the line of FX processors by AMD and it is designed to provide maximum performance to the users. It is loaded with 8-cores which makes it one of the fastest processors in this price range.

AMD FX-8320 costs slightly more than the AMD FX-6300, so buyers of AMD FX-6300 can also consider this CPU. This processor is using piledrive architecture which is more power efficient technology than the processors built on Bulldozer architecture. Though there are some Intel i5 processors too in this price range, when you look at the performance and architecture this CPU beats them all.

Well, this CPU is a winner when it comes to multi-threaded jobs as compared to other similar CPUs available out there. Another thing to know about this CPU is that it must be used with AM3+ socket motherboards, so it is not for those who are looking for AM3+ CPU in AM4 socket.

  • This CPU supports RAM up to DDR3-1866.
  • Its multi-core operations make it high-performing CPU.
  • AMD FX-8320 architecture can handle more power required.
  • This processor can provide immersive gaming experience.
  • Adjustable power requirements can increase power load.
  • It can become hot when used for long duration.
  • Do not overclock over 4.6 GHz if you don’t have a good cooling system.
  • Single Core performance of this CPU is less, unlike similar CPUs.

5. AMD FX 8350 Processor – AM3 CPU For Overclocking

AMD FX 8350 Processor

AMD FX-8350 is an 8-Core CPU which is also one of the cheapest eight-core CPU available right now. Though this CPU is not made for gaming, if you use video editing or 3D designing software then it will provide you best performance. The base clock of This CPU is 4.0GHz but it can be overclocked to 4.2GHz. When overclocked AMD FX-8350 can provide you best experience in gaming, multitasking and in other works. This processor is very small in size, but it is packed with more cores which makes it stand out from the crowd.

Do note that this is an AM3+ socket CPU so you will need AM3 architecture motherboards to work with it. We have tried using this AMD processor for gaming and to be honest it can handle Battlefield 3 at 85fps easily. Not only gaming, but this is best AMD AM3+ CPU which provides good performance in every condition. You can take advantage of the eight cores of it to get maximum usage of it. Sometimes this CPU may get hot but if you will use AM3+ CPU air cooler with it, then you can expect some good runtime with it.

There are many people out there who are looking for best AM3+ CPU for overclocking, and if you are among them then you should definitely buy it. AMD FX-8350 costs slightly higher than $100 and if you are going to build a CPU of around $600-$1000 then you can’t find any better option than this. Though there are some more expensive CPUs available for this budget, there is no point in spending more money when you can get the best performance at lower price.

  • Powered by AMD’s Turbo CORE technology.
  • Bulldozer architecture unlocks overclocking potential.
  • Cheaper than most of the similar performance CPUs.
  • 32 nanometer die shrink reduces leakage.
  • The stock cooler may not perform well every time.
  • Does not support any other motherboards than AM3+.
  • It doesn’t have the CPU cooler as it is a bit loud.
  • CPU temperature may rise if used for longer time.

6. AMD FX-8370 With Wraith Cooler

AMD FX-8370

This CPU is built to provide the multi-core performance to the users who like gaming, multitasking and running high-end software. The AMD FX-8370 has a very low TDP at 125W which provides two threads per module to give you 8 CPU cores to work with. The best thing about this CPU is that it is bundled with Wraith Cooler which is a silent CPU cooler and doesn’t make any kind of noises. Moreover, to make it best-AM3+ CPU fan and work more efficiently, AMD have added thermal interface and an AMD–qualified heatsink technology for advanced cooling. So if you are looking for CPUs for office usage, then you can use this CPU as you will not get distracted by the fan noise.

AMD overdrive software is also being used in this processor which is helpful as it provides highly configurable performance. Do note that the base clock of this AMD FX-8370 is 4.0GHz but it can be ramp up to 4.3GHz. You can use this CPU with motherboards that come with 900-Series chipset with an AM3+ socket only.

AMD FX-8370 is also made with piledriver architecture and this technology is the most advanced one since 2012. If your budget is around $180-$200 then you can consider buying this CPU for your build. Not only you will get good gaming performance with it, but it can also fulfill media-editing or heavy software usage needs. It is a good CPU for everyday use.

  • Provides high clock rate up to 4.3GHz Turbo speed.
  • AMD overdrive technology for overclocking.
  • The CPU fan produces very less noise.
  • AMD FX-8370 is also safe to overclock.
  • Not perfect for high-end gaming build.
  • It can get hot, so do use quick shut off power settings.
  • Not performs well in single threading.
  • Can’t get above 4.6GHz OC without stability issues.

7. AMD Vishera FX-9590 (8-Core)

AMD Vishera FX-9590

There are so many 8-core CPU of AMD available out there, but this is the only CPU of AMD that comes with 5.0GHz max turbo speed. The base clock of this CPU itself is 4.7GHz which is more than enough to provide an advanced level of multimedia performance and gaming. This CPU will work only with AM3+ motherboards which have support for 220W TDP. We will recommend you to use cooling liquid with this CPU as it may get heated if the thermal paste is unmatched. Moreover also find an AM3+ CPU air cooler with have 35CFM airflow capacity so this CPU can provide you best performance for a longer duration.

Even if you are not going to use it for overclocking, you can unlock it to know the true potential of it. The price of AMD FX-9590 is almost similar to AMD Ryzen 3 1300X, but in terms of performance, clock speeds and cores, FX-9590 beats Ryzen 3 1300X. For those, whom power consumption is not a thing to worry AMD FX-9590 is the best choice under $120. It doesn’t matter if you are going to build a new PC or wants to upgrade your current CPU if you are using AM3 motherboards, this is what you should buy.

You can play high-end games, do video editing and run high memory consumption software using this CPU. Though some users have reported that when overclocked to 5.0GHz there were some lockups and freezes while playing graphics intensive games. If you will use it at a constant 4.7 GHz power then you will not face any issues with it and that’s a bet.

  • AMD’s Core 3.0 technology for overclocking.
  • 8-cores powered with piledrive architecture.
  • AMD FX-9590 supports USB 3.1 and M.2 drive.
  • AMD’s Eyefinity technology for ultra-high resolution.
  • Needs high-end motherboards with 220W TDP.
  • 5.0 Ghz Turbo Boost may affect performance.
  • The processor may get hot if proper cooling methods are not used.
  • Cannot run high memory eating programs for long.

[Buying Guide] How To Choose Best AM3+ CPU Processor?

AM3+ CPUs are widely popular these days as Intel is not the only brand which manufactures the processors. With the launch of AM3+ CPU for gaming many people have started searching for best AM3+ CPU 2018, so to solve their problem we came up with this post. Do note that you should always choose CPU according to your needs and budget, as there are so many options available out there, don’t get confused. The first thing which you should decide is for what purpose you want to buy CPU for?

If you are looking for best AM3 CPU for overclocking then you might need to spend more money on CPU than any other parts. Similarly, if you are looking for best AM3+ CPU for gaming 2018, then you will need the best AM3+ CPU cooler as your processor may get hot. If you are going to buy AM3+ socket CPU, then you will also need a compatible motherboard for it too. As AM3+ CPU on AM3 motherboard works best, though you can use other motherboards too for best performance, we recommend using AM3+ CPU in AM3 socket only

When it comes to RAM, then you can use DDR3 RAM as it is widely used and less costly as compared to DDR4 RAM. For those who have a good budget can use DDR4 RAM along with any processor from above AM3+ CPU list. Below you can find tips and guidelines which will help you to choose best AM3+ CPU processor 2018.

Features To Consider While Buying Best AM3+ CPU 2018

Single Core Performance
For the programs that cannot use multiple-threads to run, single-core comes into play. For example, if you are using a game and it is not giving you good performance in multiple-cores, then you will need to use it with single-core to get best out of it. AM3+ Ryzen CPUs are such CPUs which performs well with single-cores.
Multi-Core Performance
Cores are something which defines and allocate the operations to CPU. So if you are going to use your CPU for high memory tasks like video editing, gaming, 3D designing, etc. then choose a CPU with good multi-thread performance. You can also check out best AM3 CPU 95w mentioned above as they consume less power too.
Clock Speed
Clock Speed basically means the number of operations a processor can handle at a time. The more clock speed a CPU has, then more tasks it can handle at a single time. This speed is measured in Gigahertz (GHz) and that’s why you should always look for multi-core processors for your CPU as they provide best-in-class performance.
Turbo Speed
Turbo Speed means the maximum clock speed a processor is capable of. This is also known as boost speed and if you are looking for AMD best AM3+ CPU for overclocking then you should always consider this feature as your key point. If you are going to use your PC for performance-based works, then choose a processor with highest clock speed.
Technology Used
The size of the chip also influences the performance and power consumption of the CPU. AM3+ CPUs are using 32nm technology which means they don’t consume much power. While looking for AM3+ CPU in AM4 socket you should look for the size and technology used in the chip. If the size is smaller than that CPU can provide you uninterrupted multiple-thread performance.
TDP-Power Consumption
Power consumption is another thing which you must look for while selecting a CPU for your build. The power being used by a processor directly influences its performance. AMD AM3+ CPUs are built for gaming and overclockers, so they may need more power than other CPUs available out there. So always look for a processor that is power efficient and doesn’t heat up much if used for long.

Final Words About AM3+ Socket CPU

Well, AM3+ socket CPU is best in terms of performance, quality, and durability. If you are looking for some best AM3+ CPU for gaming, then above-mentioned products are best among them. Though the performance of your system depends on various components, still using best AM3+ CPU 2018 will ensure the best performance for your system. Above mentioned CPUs are not just for gaming, but they are also best AM3 CPU for overclocking your system. Many gamers and professionals now recommend using AM3+ CPU in systems because of the performance they provide.

Well, there are different kind of AM3+ CPU available out there and you should choose one according to your needs. That is why we have added all kind of best AM3+ CPU processor 2018 in this list. You can read our personal review about them and then choose accordingly. If you have used any kind of AM3+ CPU before or knows about some best AM3+ CPU for money then do let us know about them. Help us making this AM3+ CPU list more valuable to the readers. You can also read our guide if you are looking for Best LGA 1155 CPU

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